Frequently asked questions

for students with A valid georgia driver's license or state-issued ID:

  • Can I register to vote here in Athens?

    • Yes! As a full-time student living on-campus or in the Athens community, you are a resident of Athens-Clarke County. The Student Government Association recently passed a proposal through the Athens-Clarke County Board of Elections to establish an early voting location on the UGA Campus -- a first in school history. If you’re registered in Athens, you will be able to stop by Tate Student Center and cast your vote on November 1 and 2.

  • Can I change my voter registration address from a different county in Georgia to Clarke County (Athens)?

    • Of course! You can change or update your voter registration address here. Be sure to check that the registration was updated afterwards. 

  • Could I fill out an absentee ballot instead?

    • Of course! Stop by one of our tabling locations on campus to obtain an absentee ballot application. You can then fill this form out and mail it to your local county’s Board of Registrar’s office. Addresses of local Board of Registrar’s offices are on the Georgia Secretary of State’s website, here. Your county may also allow you to file your absentee ballot application online instead. Check with your local Board of Elections to see if this is an option.

  • How do I check if I'm registered to vote, register to vote for the first time, or change my registration to Athens?

    • If you have a Georgia driver’s license or state-issued ID, you can use the link on our homepage, which will direct you to the Georgia My Voter Page. If you’re already registered, you can log-in on this page to change your address. If you’re registering for the first time, click the “Register” box.

  • Do I have to be a citizen to vote?

    •  Yes, only U.S. citizens are permitted to vote in elections. 

  • If I changed my registration address to Athens-Clarke County, can I still participate in early voting at Tate -- even if my assigned precinct on the GA My Voter Page (MVP) is elsewhere? 

    • Yes!! Be sure to also text your name to after registering to receive mobile reminders in the future. 
  • How long does it take for a registration address change to go through? 

    • About two weeks, after which time you will likely receive a voter card in the mail. This is confirmation that your voter registration address has been successfully updated. If you do not receive a card in two weeks, check the Georgia My Voter Page to ensure that your address has been updated. You can definitely vote in-person (early voting and on election day) and via absentee ballot without with out a voter card. 

  • Can I vote without a voter card? 

for out-of-state students:

  • How do I change my registration to Athens-Clarke County?

    • By following this link to the Georgia my voter page, you can print out the appropriate forms to apply to vote here in Athens. You will need a driver's license issued by a US state, and then mail your information to the Georgia Secretary of State's office. 

  • Can I fill out an absentee ballot instead?
    • Yes. You will have to follow your own state’s procedures for this process. Information on where to find your state’s voting procedures can be found here.